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The GetCracked! official channel. Follow this channel for all tournament broadcasts. 



Con's been involved in the competitive FPS scene since 2002, Winning events across a spectrum of games in the genre. Since 2013 he's been casting everything from small community cups to major events, most recently for Unreal Tournament and Diabotical.



"It's not looking good, grim." What is there to say about mrgrim that hasn't already been said about Paul Page or Bob Jenkins if they were on crack? Grim is ready to shove some action packed FPS matches DOWN YOUR THROAT! Recently being involved with bringing colorful commentary to tournament matches in Quake Live, Quake III, and Diabotical; mrgrim is also youtuber omahamaho and musician Dale's Gun Club. You will see aspects from both appear in his streams. STRAP IN AND STRAP ON, BROTHER.



cxt started out with the original Quake in the 90's and was enamoured with the classic series instantly. His involvement with quake has spanned two decades and includes various competitions. He looks forward to bringing his arena fps experience to the broadcast booth with GetCracked!

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